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Hack Facebook Account
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Hack a Facebook account
Instructions to hack facebook accounts

type or paste the facebook account id of the victim to hack.

Hack a facebook Account

How to hack fb account?

To hack facebook, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the victim's facebook profile.
  2. Copy his facebook profile id. Our method involves hacking facebook with user id.
  3. Paste it in the hacking box above.
  4. Click on Hack to hack someones facebook account.
Steps to Hack Facebook

Who are we and what kind of facebook hacking services / facebook hack software we offer?

If you want to hack a facebook account, you have stepped through the right portal. We offer services ranging from fb hacker app, removing fake accounts, retrieving chats from someones facebook account all the way to teach you how to hack facebook id. We are a skilled team of software hackers who have spent years of our lives to develop many facebook hack software. Our particular field of interest is to hack facebook profile . Over time we have gathered experience and skills necessary to successfully hack facebook account. With time our skills have improved so much that we now offer the highest success rate among all the online hackers. Our hacking success rate lies at whopping 80+% which is an achievement in itself.
Hack a facebook account

How we hack facebook accounts?

We use variety of methods to hack facebook account. Cracking the passwords using basic hacking methods such as brute force is no longer effective. We use it nonetheless as it does have some success rate in few cases. Our facebook hacking system include advanced and high profile hacking techniques which are standard in hacking fb passwords. Kali Linux is a revolutionary set of hacking utility. Other techniques include buffer overflow, packet analyzing, vulnerability scanner. We can also provide you with an easy to use Keylogger which you can safely use to hack facebook account if everything else fails. If you want to learn about facebook hacking yourself rather then using our service, you can check our guide on how to hack into facebook. Following is a detailed information on all the tools we use to hack facebook.

Kali Linux based hacking

If you want to hack facebook, Kali Linux should be your first choice. Kali Linux is a linux based hacking platform which is used to test security of systems. It is equipped with various tools used by hackers to invade a security system. These tools range from simple brute force crackers all the way to most advanced hacking tools like kismet, nmap and Social Engineering toolkit. These tools have made it easy for us to hack into a facebook account. Learning kali linux requires patience and advanced knowledge of computer languages. If you are interested, you can learn kali linux at workshops we conduct regularly. Watch a video on Kali Linux based hacking.
Kali Linux for Facebook Hacking

Phishing to hack a facebook account

Phishing is a basic technique used by hackers to gain access to the password of the victim. This is the most used facebook id hack in the industry. In case of facebook hacking, it involves creation of a page which is exactly identical to facebook login page. The address of this page is also very similar to such as (without b). Next, the hacker sends this page address to the victim in email or message asking to login to their facebook to get some incentive. If the victim follows the fake link and enters the password on the fake facebook login page, the password is sent to the hacker and victim is referred to the original facebook page logged in so he the victim doesn't get alarmed. The hacker can then use the facebook password to gain access to the victims facebook page. Learn more about phishing.
Phishing technique for Facebook Hacking

Brute force method

Brute forcing means rapid attacks to guess the password of the victim. An automated bot launches an automated query to guess the password starting from the lowest number and characters and increasing successively. This method of hacking has become obsolete but facebook accounts with poor password protection can be hacked using this method. The recent famous icloud hack of the celebrities is though to have happened due to brute force attack. Learn what is brute force and how you can use it to hack facebook.
Hack Facebook

Session Highjacking

Session highjacking is a rather advanced technique of hacking facebook account. As the name indicates it means to hack the active login session details of the victim using infiltrative softwares (trojans) and to use this information to login to facebook. It involves the software to find and decode the cookies stored on the device of the victim and either decode the cookie information or send the cookie as it is to the hacker which the hacker can then use to hack in to the facebook account of the victim. This is a fairly advanced technique and requires a great deal of advanced background knowledge about programming. Session Highjacking for hacking facebook


A keylogger is a small software which you can install on any windows system. This method requires no programming skills and is one of the most easy method to hack a facebook account. Once installed, it can record the keystrokes pressed on any pc. This means that anything the victim is going to write using his keyboard, it is going to get recorded. It includes email, passwords, phone number and other sensitive information. This inormation is then sent to the hackers email address and he can use the login information to hack into the facebook account of the victim. This methods is fairly easy provided you have access to the computer or device of the person you intend to hack. Learn more about keylogger. Keylogging for hacking facebook

Is it possible to hack into facebook without any hacking skills?

Hacking a facebook account is a fairly difficult task. On one hand there are hundreds of fake websites on the internet which claim to hack any facebook account within seconds. On the other hand there are quite a few working websites and methods which actually hack a facebook account. Such methods are extremely difficult to find since they are cloaked away by fraud websites which are nothing but a scam. We have, however compiled a list of working facebook hacks which you can use to hack into a facebook account. Use these methods on your own risk. Some of these methods require advaned knowledge in some programming languages. Other are as simple as installing a program on victims device. You can Learn more about them in detail on internet.

  1. Phishing
  2. Keyloggers
  3. Session Highjacking
  4. Brute Force Methods
  5. Mobile Phone hacking
  6. DNS Spoofing
  7. USB Hacking
  8. Bots

What are some other websites which hack fb passwords?

When it comes to hacking fb account, there are only a few trusted websites on the internet. Most of the websites charge you money or are some sort of scam which you want to avoid at all cost. On top of this, some of the websites, instead of hacking your victims facebook, hack your account. If you are not able to hack the facebook account using Softhouz, you can try your luck with one of the following websites. Please note, we do not take any responsibility for your actions. These websites are not related to Softhouz.

  1. Hack-Facebook (Trusted, Online)
  2. (Trusted, Online)
  3. FaceGeek (Not Trusted, Offline)
  4. Hayy Hack Facebook Account (Trusted, Offline)
  5. Softhouz (Current website)
  6. Sam Hacker (Not Trusted, Offline)

Is it possible to hack facebook accounts?

Yes, it is very possible these days to hack a facebook account. Mark Zuckerberg, the creater of Facebook himself got his Facebook account hacked in 2013. This fact only proves how vulnerable facebook is to hacking. Now-a-days, although facebook has taken its security to the next level, but so have hackers. We have come up with new and efficient methods overtime of hacking facebook. Our underground forums are filled with new vulnerabilities we can exploit and discover new methods to crack a facebook password. With that said, its time to boast a little of our own achievements. We have, till date, hacked over 40,000 facebook accounts successfully. This is a number no other facebook hacker can boast of.

Hacking Facebook - Easier

There are hundreds of methods we can use to hack a facebook account if one method fails. We achieve such high success rate only because we treat each case very personally and get involved as much as we can. Our most successful technique of hacking fb online, the Rainbow Tables has yet to disappoint us.

How much do we charge for hacking a facebook account?

Absolutely nothing. We are a team of software students who hack facebook and instagram account to polish our hacking skills. We have a success rate of over 82% which can proudly say is higher even when compared to most advanced hacking professionals. Hacking Facebook can be quiet difficult and to find a website which hacks facebook accounts can be very difficult. But since we hack without charging you anything and hack accounts for you for free, we are one of the few online facebook hacking sites which help you gain access to your fb account without any hassle that you can trust. Learn more about us here.

Facebook Hackers - Hack Facebook
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