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Phishing is a simple hacking technique in which the hacker disguises a fake login page as a real page. The address of this page is then either made to look like the address of real page or hidden altogether. The hacker then sends the link to this page to the victim via email or message. When the victim opens the link, he assumes the fake login page to be the real one and tries to log in only resulting in sending his login credentials to the hacker. The hacker can then use this information to log in to the victims account. If you want to make a phishing page, you can follow these steps. You require basic to intermediate knowledge in HTML, CSS, JAVA and PHP

  1. Buy a cheap or free webhosting from online hosting websites and a domain like
  2. Make a fake phishing page just like the login page of facebook.
  3. Connect this page to your sql so the password and login information can be stored.
  4. Redirect the final page to original facebook page to prevent any suspicion.
Phishing for hacking Facebook